Saturday, 31 July 2010

Moon Tunnels

When men finally begin to colonize the Moon, they will need protection from space radiation and meteor strikes, due to the absence of a protective atmosphere or magnetosphere. A Japanese led team of scientists has discovered a large pit on the near side of the Moon at Marius Hills that is about 65 metres in diameter and at least 80 metres deep. The hole is actually what is termed a "skylight," or a rift in the top of an ancient lava tunnel or underground cave-like channel through which lava once flowed. It is located in the middle of a rille, suggesting the hole leads into a lava tube as wide as 370 metres across.

The research was lead by Dr. Junichi Haruyama, from the Terrain Camera Team of the Kaguya (SELENE) mission. The SELENE mission to the Moon was launched on September 14, 2007, from the Tanegashima Space Center (TNSC) in Japan. Based on a count of nearby craters, Haruyama's team estimates that the skylight's tube was created more than 3.5 billion years ago.

Due to the fact that lava tubes are sheltered from the extreme environment on the lunar surface, they could one day be used as sites for lunar bases. Such lunar cave-like structures have been thought to exist by astronomers, but have only now been confirmed. The area around the pit is covered by a 25-metre thick lava sheet, which helps protect the lava tube from meteorite bombardment. Recent discoveries of ice on the moon hold the promise of a plentiful water supply for long-term colonies.

Is there already a base on the moon?

Is there a base on the dark side of the Moon? More and more people are coming forward with stories that they have seen evidence that might prove that there is indeed such a base. Milton Cooper, a former US Naval Intelligence Officer, claims that not only does a Moon base exist but that it is referred to in intelligence circles as "Luna". The question is, if such a base really exists – who built it? The base was allegedly filmed by the Apollo astronauts.

In 1994, the US Navy sent a satellite called Clementine to the moon to image it for 2 months. During that time, the satellite took 1.8 million photographs. Out of those images, 170,000 images were made available to the public. The rest were classified. Why classify photographs of moon craters? Included in the available images, there are obviously censored images of massive artificial structures. The sheer size of these structures eliminates the possibility that they were built by the current civilization on Earth.

Structures on the Moon

George Leonard was a photo-analyst at NASA in the 1960s. After retiring from NASA, Leonard published a book entitled “Somebody Else is on the Moon”. In this book he related that, while studying photographs of the lunar surface, he had discovered a number of very strange artificial structures; structures which indicated that highly intelligent beings were present, or had once been present, on the moon. He claimed that he had seen artificial anomalies on the lunar surface, that included buildings, tunnels and machinery. Since then, others have followed up on Leonard’s book and also claim to have identified structures on the moon.


It appears that NASA and the US Navy has been attempting to suppress evidence of artificial structures on the moon by deliberately smudging and retouching photographic images. Below is an image taken from the Clementine satellite image browser at latitude -35 and longitude 208. Note that the obscured angular image is still partially visible.

Two people who claim to be former US government employees, Donna Hare and Karl Wolfe, have revealed that they were aware of, or involved in, the photographic retouching program. Indeed, it is possible for anyone to directly access lunar photographs on the official Clementine website. Some show clear evidence of tampering. So why the cover-up? There are many reasons, but the most obvious one is that the US, and now other nations that have their own probes circling the moon, do not wish to cause mass panic or unrest on Earth. At this time it is highly probable that nobody knows who built the enormous structures on the moon – ancient man or aliens. Either way, the revelation could cause major problems for the powers that be on our troubled planet.