Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Moon Anomalies: The Shard

The Lunar Orbiter photograph and the three sequential photographs (NASA catalog SP-232: AS10-32-4822, AS10-32-4854, AS10-32-4855, and AS10-32-4856) taken from the Apollo 10 spacecraft show two massive anomalous structures commonly known as the Shard and the Tower. The photographs were taken in the south western area of Sinus Medii from different angles. A photograph taken by Surveyor 6 shows anomalous geometric structures extending to the north of the Tower for about a hundred miles.

The Shard towers to a height of more than one mile above the Moon's surface. No known natural process can explain the presence of such a structure. Computer enhancement of photographs shows an irregular outline. The amount of sunlight reflecting from parts of the Shard indicates a composition inconsistent with that of most natural substances. Only crystal, glass and highly polished metal can reflect light with the intensity of that emanating from the Shard. As a consequence, the Shard may be a remnant of an artificial structure, possibly an enormous glass dome.

The star-like object above the Shard is a camera registration mark. The Shard casts a shadow in a direction consistent with it being a real structure and not a photographic artefact. Blow-ups of photographs suggest a module-like internal structure. Above and behind the Shard is the Tower. This is an enormous 5 mile high structure with a central "cube" suspended by a tripod like base. Photographic enhancements of the Tower show a similar modular construction to the Shard, but with more of a hexagonal pattern.


At 17 November 2011 at 11:48 , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Evidence has come to light proving that NASA has been airbrushing out anomalous objects on the moons surface. NASA has been covering up what they have found and filmed on the Moon from lunar orbit. There are hundreds of anomalies and unexplained phenomenon which have been puzzling since many decades. But truth cannot be hidden for long time. Here are few links showing wierd structures and amazing artifacts found on the moon.

Evience showing weird structure...

Mare Moscoviense and Komarov Crater
Belyaev Crater -A " V " Shaped Structure
Luminescent Objects
A Lunar tower

You can clearly see some structure like towers, artifacts especially the area called as mare moscoviense and komarov crater.

They are amazing !!


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