Saturday, 6 June 2009

Moon Anomalies: The Castle

On the 2nd November 1966 The Washington Post ran a front page article entitled “Six Mysterious Statuesque Shadows Photographed on the Moon by Orbiter”. NASA Lunar Orbiter 2 had photographed an area on the moon (Mare Tranquilis) of approximately 30 by 50 kilometres. Photographs showed six or seven towers, appearing in a specific geometric pattern, rising from the lunar surface. Their pointed shadows indicated that they were either conical or pyramid-shaped. NASA countered that the photographs did not show anything of any interest. The Russian magazine, Argosy, published a communication from the Russian space scientist Alexander Abromov. He stated that the Russian Luna 9 probe, on landing on the Moon on the 4th February 1966, had taken some strange photographs of structures that stood out of the landscape in a precisely defined pattern.

An extraordinary object, in the Sinus Medii region of the Moon, was photographed on one of the Apollo lunar missions using a hand held Hasselblad camera (photo number AS10-32-4822). The structure, commonly referred to as the "Castle" is extremely bright and plainly visible at normal magnification. The photograph shows a remarkable stacking of segments that point to it being of artificial, rather than natural, construction.

The one-mile-long structure appears to be hanging some seven miles above the Lunar surface. It has been speculated that it could be the remnant of a huge glass dome. A cable appears to be passing through the tip of the structure.

Scientist and former NASA specialist, Richard Hoagland insists that there are other intriguing photographs of strange moon anomalies that are currently hidden deep inside NASA. Hoagland speculates that this information is being kept secret because NASA feels the public is not yet psychologically ready.


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Hmm very interesting. Love to see more pics of this


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