Friday, 27 March 2009

Ancient Structures on Mars

There is clear cut evidence of ancient artificial structures on the moon. Can the same be said for Mars? The Mariner and Viking data show a very desolate planet. Some areas are of volcanic origin. Other areas show signs that in the distant past there were massive ancient water flows.

The airport terminal

This object below has been termed the ‘Airport-Terminal’ in many publications. It can be found in the NASA-archives with coordinates 1.9°S 186.4°W and image-ID 4209-75.

Mariner 9 picture, from frame 4209-75.

The Cydonia plain

The Cydonia Plain is a flat expanse with large and small mesas. The somewhat regular geometries of the mesas have led many to speculate that they could be of artificial construction.

The Face

In 1976, Mars probe Viking Orbiter 1 was acquiring images of the Cydonia region as part of the search for potential landing sites for Viking Lander 2. Among the photographs was one of which looked like a massive sculpture of a human face. More recent images of the 'Face' taken by the Mars Global Surveyor clearly show that it was volcanic processes that brought the Face into existence and not a human or alien intelligence.

The Face.

Pyramids on Mars

Numerous anomalous objects have been photographed in the Cydonia region of Mars. Southwest of the famous face is a group of features that have been described as resembling pyramids. With their relatively smooth, triangular sides, they bear a resemblance to the pyramids at Giza, Egypt. Similar geological formations exist on earth, so these Martian pyramids could be of natural origin.

Martian pyramids.

Star City

The interesting formation seen below has been dubbed 'Star City'. It is a complex structure that some researchers interpret as showing walls of artificial construction. The structure is located on the Syrtis Major Planum region and is part of a large area of strange patterns and geometric objects.

According to mainstream geologists, the structures most probably have a natural origin. Indeed, just because a feature looks artificial in distant aerial photographs does not mean that in reality it is. Scientists are only beginning to understand Mars' climate, geology and environmental processes.

The Martian Tubes

Structures that look like long translucent tubes supported by rows of bright arches have been photographed on the surface of the red planet. It has been speculated by some that they could be huge water ducts funnelling water from one area to another. NASA scientists view these structures as some sort of natural geological anomaly.

Giant tubes?


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